Mistakes are proof your trying…

Having a hit of cricket in the street as the sun sets, to huddling shoulder-toshoulder around a tiny television to catch a glimpse at the winning goal, Australians adore sport. Our sports men and women would be amongst some of the people we all cherish as heroes.

The Sunshine State welcomed athletes from all corners of the globe this week to put their lifetime of dedication and passion into competing at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. Undoubtedly, many of these athletes would have tripped, fallen and made mistakes in their careers, requiring resilience to repair. We’re all human, and sometimes we make mistakes. But do we still label these athletes as ‘heroes’ when they make blunders? Or do we disregard them owing to their errors?

Cricket contributes to creating Australia’s sporting culture. When one major cricketing slip-up happens, the positive nature of the sport is seemingly ignored and overtaken by an error of judgement. I believe one incident should not define a team or an individual. The bigger picture of the athlete’s talent and passion should be considered to gain a true illustration of their sporting dedication, before labelling them negatively owing to a single poor choice.

Good luck to all those striving to reach their sporting goals.

Dianne Jack

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