Make your advert Sing!

Writing a job ad can be a daunting prospect – how do you make YOUR ad stand out from every other Town Planning role, Survey Engineer position or General Manager opportunity vying for a job seekers attention? Here are some ideas…

  1. Use a powerful headline. Which job would interest you most from the following two headlines: “Statutory Planner“ or “Grow your statutory planning career with us!”? The power of words is not to be sniffed at!
  2. An emotive introduction will work wonders. A single paragraph that gives three to four details will ‘hook’ your potential applicant into reading further. Make it personal if possible. Here is an example – “As Council’s Art Gallery Curator you will have opportunity to express your own creativity, utilise and grow your networks, and be valued for the unique contribution you will bring to our vibrant community.”
  3. Location location location! Essential to selling a great local government position is the promotion of the community itself. Remember the old adage that a (GOOD) picture is worth a thousand words – use this to make your location jump out from the rest. You might live in a remote area, but your wildflower season may be second to none, you may have outstanding built heritage, a unique culture, fantastic recreational opportunities, a vibrant annual festival etc etc. Some people enjoy a bustling existence, some potential applicants relish the idea of a remote lifestyle – promote your BEAUTY and UNIQUENESS.
  4. In that vein, good graphics and design will really make your ad sing! Engage help for that if you need, as the difference it will make to your campaigns effectiveness is immeasurable in our visually driven society. We have in house graphic designers here at The Australian Local Government Job Directory for that exact purpose. Our goal is to help you make every ad great, and ultimately, to help you attract the perfect outcome for your campaign.

Dianne Jack

Editor in Chief

The Australian Local Government Job Directory