Strong, healthy organisational culture.

“Left hand, always wants to know what the right is doing……” Crowded House

This reworking of the ancient Biblical phase reminds us that it is innately human to be curious about how other entities – companies, councils, partnerships, friendships, parents – function when compared to our own.

However, the original phrase – talking about how we should approach giving – is more inclined, these days, to suggest that in business, one should keep one’s interests or personal agendas independent of each other.

Both approaches apply to a strong, healthy organisational culture.

Secondly, a successful organisation is only as strong as the culture it promotes. Do your people and departments function cohesively, in a supportive, complimentary manner, or are there people and departments that are subtly (or not so subtly) corroding your overall effectiveness? To quote another Biblical phrase – a house divided will not stand…… Sharing united team visions, reducing stress, encouraging respect amongst staff, increasing positive communication, and clarifying organisational goals can do much to boost productivity and quality of service.

When Council is healthy and growing, everyone wins.

Dianne Jack

Editor in Chief

The Australian Local Government Job Directory