How do you take a break?

In 2018, most of us realise how valuable taking a moments break at work can be. Be it mid morning, afternoon or lunchtime. However, how you use a break is just as important as the break itself.

It is way too common, when a much needed break ends up being spent on “low quality actions” for example playing a game on your phone, browsing the web, catching up on private emails or using other methods of distraction to take you away from the here and now, being the break!

Before you know it your break is over and you are back to work feeling anything but refreshed.

Setting aside work to take a break actually improves productivity.

The secret is in the quality of the break. A walk around the block in the fresh air is a great, simple, free and totally available exceptionally “high quality break” that absolutely anyone of us can do. It is not time specific, requires no actual special clothing and for most of us is quite readily available. Sadly society seems to be in an escalating pattern of not recognising the extraordinary benefits to be had by a simple break.

So next time you have the opportunity to take a break, go for a walk and see how it feels for you when you return to your work space?

You just might be surprised by the experience.

Many cheers,

Dianne Jack

Editor In Chief